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Why I’M Not A Mormon


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Please understand that this post is about me personally and not in anyway intended to be insulting or judgmental or as a bases for believes for anyone, but me. I am just trying to share in a informative why I have chosen not be become a Mormon. Nothing more and if my post does offend anyone, I so apologize for this as that is certainly not my intentions.

I have some close friends who are Mormon that I wouldn’t trade for anyone, certainly not on the bases their faith and my are different on the aspect of being a Mormon. I actually was drawn to the Mormons by hearing so many non-Moron friends of mine within the Christian faith making insulting judgments against Mormons, but never actually getting to know any or the faith. I thought such judgments where ignorant. I did not want to make similar judgments based on what I have not made a real effort to discover and learn myself. This has sent me on a journey of discovery about the LDS and Mormons. A journey I am so grateful to have had, but think has concluded. I have learned alot and thus, now have some great Moron friends that mean so much to me. I have a LSD church with in walking distances from my home that I have actually attended a few times.

One of the things I loved about the LDS was the strong sense of family they have. How much family means. The value and closeness. The priority and heart invested. That is something I have always wanted my entire life and never had. That alone was a huge plus for me. Family is so important to me and The LDS and Mormons seem to really have a true heart for family. How fortunate they are and I am not.

However, for me, I have found too much different views and opinions of the Moron faith. Believes that varies too wide between the different groups and locations that it feels to be very fractured and multi-sub culture too varied for me to feel solid on. Too many levels of disagreements on too many areas and subjects. How was I suppose to be something that seem to be so fractured and overwhelming as this. This is partly why I decided to respect the LDS and Mormons, but not become apart of them.

I also have some deep rooted questions about the faith that I can not ever seem to get straight answers on. Concerns of historical facts and bases for certain believes. I have asked so many, many people in the LDS and keep getting answers that seem to side step a direct response. Almost as if the answers are not wanting to be shared for some unknown reason. This just makes me feel uncomfortable. It just does. This is another part of why I have decided not to become apart of the LDS or a Mormon.

The last part is simply because I disagree with some of the rules. Some of the rules seem to make no sense as believers. They seem to shut the world out at times where the world should be invited in to learn, explore, and grow. Some rules just seem to be over strict and controlling, but without a healthy reason or intent. I have no issues with following rules, but if the rule doesn’t make sense to me, yes, as a person, I am going to struggle with accepting and complying to the rule/s.

I know may will say that my issues are found in other religions. I won’t disagree with such statements. They are found in other faiths. However, for me, I don’t find them to the same levels or intensity as I do with in the LDS. At a level I can’t find comfort in. So I am not saying that the LDS or Morons are bad or worst or anything. Not what I am saying in this post. I am just saying why I am not going to become a Mormon and why I am going to stay at my current church and in my current faith. Again, I do apologize if this post comes to offense to anyone. I am not trying to offend or hurt anyone. I wish everyone the best and happiness in their chosen faith.

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The LDS faith is more about doing the right thing (orthopraxis) than having the right beliefs (orthodoxy) save for a core few, cantering around Christ's atonement and revelational authority.

We do believe that someone who in their heart loves God , loves their fellowmen and does all that they can do to serve both is way ahead of spiritually of an LDS member who knows the doctrine inside and out, has had all the ordinances done but is selfish and arrogant or keeps to himself because he is so much better then others...that is on a theoretical level given it is not for most of us to judge another's heart.

I think we are very good at teaching and giving people opportunities to serve God and others in the Church so our fulfilling of the first and second great commandment grows through our commitment to our faith.

It is also my belief that the teaching in the Church of doctrine is kept very basic so that we will go to God for 'advance training'....establishing that relationship and trust is much more important I believe than having very monolithic believers in our group. So we even get rules that to others make no sense that we embrace because for many the Spirit has told us this is the path to take and others are taking it on faith because they have received other witnesses and continue to obey in expectation that this one too will be confirmed. And even others who do it because others do so but as yet they don't seek out God for why or should this be what she should be doing...but through obedience souls are opened to God and when the time is right, they will learn that God speaks to them as well.

Living a religious life allowing for such ambiguity is not for everyone. It does not surprise me when people choose to step back for your reason, though it saddens me. Wish you well on your spiritual journey that you may find what leads you best to happiness at this point in your life.

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PS: this thread may get shut down as often such threads do because of an appearance someone is proselyting or condemning another's faith. Not saying yours does nor that i find it offensive (I don't) but it may be close enough to those that do that it fits into the rule category you can read about under board guidelines.

PPS: has your involvement with LDS been more online than off? If so, you will have gotten a distorted view as those online are self selected to focus on differences for a variety of reasons.

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Personal topics such as "Why I Left the Church" threads. This is not a support group. If you are having a spiritual crisis and need help, contacting your local leaders would be the appropriate action and of course, taking your problem to our Father in Heaven. We do care very much for struggling members, but we don't want to see you made a target for judgment and insults. Don't make yourself the subject.

We don't allow these type of topics.

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