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Any Free Asl Training?


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I am wanting to get free ASL training in the state of California, but have not found any options for it. I am wanting to become an ASL interrupter at my church because there is a huge section of society that is not getting the opportunity to be involved in the faith because there is a communication gap no one is addressing. I want to respond to this gap using my own time and asking nothing in return. However, I am unable to get the training I need and can not cover the training at the few schools I have found. Any thoughts?

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I think it is a great idea, but not surprised there aren't any free courses out there.  Teaching ASL takes a tremendous amount of time and teachers probably need compensation, plus there is the rental of facilities and such.


Is there anything online that is free that you could begin working on to cover the basics?


Not free but not too expensive:







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