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How Does One Quote Someone?


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Hitting the quote button should work.  If it's not, then something's probably up on your end (maybe cookies need to be enabled or something?).


Speaking from personal experience, I used IE for years with this forum and never had any problems, then one day, the quote function stopped working as well as the copy and paste function.  The only way i've been able to get them to work again is by using a whole new browser-Opera.


Good luck!

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Multiquote doesn't work for me.  Quote works but it always brings the whole post down which I don't always want. It does not bring down what the poster quoted by someone else which is what I often want.  I end up having to cut and paste and then select the portion I want quoted and then clicking the quote button in the second menu bar below "My Media" in the first menu bar.  Quotes like this can be nested, but since they changed things, the behavior is erratic and difficult to control with extra spaces and strange paragraph orientations and indentations.  I'm using Firefox.

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