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Don’T Go To My Church ( Joking )


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If you want to go to a great church with great people and great truthful message in a great friendly sociable environment, oh ye, go to my church. We have all that and then some.

But if you want to feel safe, well, that maybe another story. I just got called to serve in my churches ‘Church Safety Ministry’. The ministry that watches and protects people and property. I so love serving and volunteering. Helping is a true passion of the heart. But it’s me that will be one of the persons responsible for ensuring the safety of people and property at my church. If you really know me, this might scare you, lol. 8P 8P 8P

I am happy I got the call even if others may be saying, what the...are you serious?!

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No one here knows you well enough (unless you're actually acquainted with (an) other member(s) of this Board in real life to second-guess your Pastor's invitation to serve.  (I say, that's a good thing. :))  I'm glad you find joy in serving, and I wish you well. :)

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