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Second Try


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I saw that my thread has been locked and I couldn't figure out how to contact a moderator, so I was just going to let the matter drop but then I thought I'd give it one more try. I don't know why the thread was locked but figure it was because of the link to my blog. I won't do that this time. If this thread gets locked or whatever, I'll take the hint and go quietly on my way.


Questions were raised as to why I would be promoting this fast when I am no longer a member of the church. I have many friends who are disenchanted with the church. I also have many friends who are faithful members. I have seen a lot of arguing between these two groups. The fighting mostly centers around the leaders of the church.


I was hoping that fasting and praying for the church leaders would help this situation. Those who feel the leaders are struggling might gain hope through praying for them. Those who are faithful members of the church would also see a great benefit in fasting and praying for the leaders. It ought to bring people together.


I would be very excited to have members of this forum participate in this special fast. I am doing all I can to spread the word so as many people as possible will join in. As I said in the other thread, I have seen miracles when people have come together in prayer.


There is a story I read once that spurred me on in my idea. I have no idea if it is true, but I believe it might be. There was a group of people, quite some number, who decided to pray (maybe fast too) for Mitt Romney when he was running for president, that he would do well at a certain debate. It was reported that he shined at that debate. He was clearly head and shoulders above the other candidates.


Now if some of you aren't Romney fans, I might not have won any points here. But the main point I want to make is prayer works. Faith works. Who among us, member or dissenter, would say the church leaders do not need our prayers. I would not say so.


So the details, once again, are this: I will be fasting on August 25th, which is 40 days before the beginning of conference, and on October 4th, the first day of conference, for the leaders of the church. During the 40 days between the two fasts, I will be praying every day for the church leaders.


I believe one person asked if I do this every conference. The answer to that is, no I don't. I have never done this before. I don't expect to ever do it again. It's just an idea I had and I will be eagerly anticipating any results that might come of it. If nothing more happens than that my friends stop fighting, I will be happy. But the Lord is powerful. I am sure he will honor the prayers of his children.

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I pray every day for our leaders, not only in SLC but also my local Stake presidency and bishopric... I am fully confident my prayers are heard... I'm also fully confident that our leaders are in tune with the Spirit and are not  "going astray." 



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I have a great deal of confidence in the Lord's ability to do his work through the church leaders. I'm not concerned about them going astray. I am sure they are in the Lord's hands.


I am, however, concerned with the heartbreak I see in the contention surrounding them. I have been encouraged by the positive response I've seen to this on another forum I frequent. It really has brought some people together.

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