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Did A Kate Kelly Topic Just Go Up In Smoke?

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Earlier today sometime I came back to the forum after a week away, and saw that there was a healthy discussion about Kate Kelly going on.  It was a topic that announced her excommunication, and another thread on the same subject had gotten merged into it, because, said the Mod, that the one beat the other by 4 seconds.  It was four days old and already into 250+ responses, and so I chimed in on it.  That was earlier today.  The thread that won the merger was started by cinepro, I think.


I just got back from shopping, and went looking for that topic, mainly because I commented on something thesometimesaint said, and wanted to see how he might have had responded.


But the topic is GONE.  I thought it was maybe just buried somewhere, but when I looked up My Content, and My Posts, I saw that there was nothing posted by me between last week and 3:29 pm today.  And I KNOW I posted that response to TSS.  I saw it!  It was there.


What the heck happened?




I got confused about what thread I was looking for, and it wasn't the one I was describing above.  It was a different thread, and the reason I couldn't find my post was that I believe that a Mod deleted it.  Even though it really wasn't political, I think it was considered as political, and possibly as a threadjack.  Which was not my intent, but nevermind.  As I said.


I am now locking my own thread.

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