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Board Guidelines - Clarification


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I was banned from a thread so I did as the Mod instructed and read the board Guidelines again. (The link is down there at the bottom of the Page). I'm not complaining nor do I want to argue about being banned or anything, just wanting clarification on some of the Guidelines.


There are two Guidelines I can see that I may have violated. 


- One would possibly be mocking or questioning the powers that be and their judgment on the rule.


But the second one would be the root cause for the Mod complaining about what I was saying in the first place and there seems to be a new unwritten rule going by the code word of "Temple Talk". There is one small blurb in the guideline that reads.


  • Do not post temple content or links to temple content.


The mods reserve the right "These guidelines can be updated with out notice."

And they do not guarentee this area as a "free speech zone". Nor is it ment to be fair. Pun intended.


Thats fine.  Its their play ground.


However I fail to see how doing as the Savior did and speaking about the Temple through the scriptures and veiled language while teaching in the courts of the Gentiles Outside the temple, would qualify as "temple Content" or even this new code word of "Temple Talk".


So I respectfully request if Chaos would clarify for us peons out here in the gentiles courts this new code word called "Temple Talk". Because apparently we cant even talk about Baptisms for the dead per the reasons she gave me for the code word.


I hope the mods wont deem this thread as another board rule violation and will leave it up for posterities sake and so others wont have to go through what I just did.


Thank you.


Starting a thread to continue fighting with mods is the fast ticket to Limited. 

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