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Oh My Gosh!!!


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O my Gosh.  Now I know why I quit posting on the Internet boards all together for more than a year and a half. When you cant even have a light hearted conversation about some fun art  that you've seen with out getting pocked in the nose and accused of "mocking other posters" or accused of "not sticking to religion" when everyone else doesn't stick to religion either and would rather gossip about who is and isn't going to be excommunicated and why and all the other conspiracy theories put forth to explain why BY did this or JS said that or the other. You know its time to move on.


Guys, its been fun while it lasted but I do believe my tenure on any "religiously" based message board has come to an end. The boards and the people who post there have been there and helped me through some real tough times in my faith journey, but I believe their usefullness for me has been used up.  I'm going to go back to the real world and nurture my relationship in real space, Now.


Thanks to all. And God Bless.



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