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Reynolds Shooting Suspect Was 'quiet, Spiritual'


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This is good to hear.  Not surprising, but still good to hear given there is very little we ourselves can do.

I joined the church just three years ago. I cannot even begin to describe how deeply impressed I have been this last week by the leadership and members of our stake. I am so grateful and, yes, proud to be a member of the church.

The grief today in the stake center was a palpable presence. It felt like something that could not be borne by the human heart. I don't think I have ever seen such emotional devastation before, and I have seen much in my life.

But the presence of the Spirit was even stronger. It may sound crazy, but it felt like Heavenly Father was sitting right there with you,shedding tears along with everyone.

I am going to be pondering for quite some time the impact of seeing row after row filled with the brethren -many sitting with their own teenaged sons - who had left their jobs for the afternoon, to unabashedly shed tears alongside a grief-stricken family.

I know I will never find the words to explain how my faith grew and my testimony was strengthened this afternoon. Even amidst all of the grief and horror and bewilderment. And I know I wasn't the only one. And I know there are many, many people who cannot understand that. And that includes members of the media, whose reporting of the funeral has me wondering how the could have heard and seen the things that I did, for what they reported was nothing like the funeral I attended. There was one reporter in particular whose report was so far off the mark from what was actually said, that it made me actually wonder what his specific bias was.

I think I can honestly say that I have never been more grateful for the gospel than I was today.

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