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Church Lawyers Trying To Get Mormon Match To Take Mormon Out Of Name


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Eric Hawkins, a spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said in a statement that he wanted to make clear that the church did not initiate the lawsuit. Instead, he said the church objected to a trademark application and were sued.


"We have made repeated attempts to resolve the issue without litigation, as we have in many comparable disputes over the years, including similar trademark applications. The objection of the church is that a for-profit business is trying to deceptively capitalize on the church’s name and image to promote a product that has no affiliation with the church. By attempting to trademark the name, the group seeks to claim exclusive rights to use a term that is clearly associated with the church," Hawkins said.



Sounds like MD&D is fine as long it isn't for profit and doesn't try and trademark the word "Mormon" like Mormon Match is trying to do.

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I really get why this matters to the church.   A site called Mormon Matches, with a temple photo in the background, does suggest officialdom.   And because of that there is substantial risk that  gullible people could be preyed upon.   


this board is not a commerce site.   No one is paying out money because of its association with Mormonism (which it doesn't actually have in any legal or even practical sense).  

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Anything that might suggest people are vetted based on their connection with the Church should be avoided IMO. I agree there are enough gullible peope out there to make this worthwhile to protect them.

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The case was settled out of court. They took the settlement offer from the church's lawyers.


The account I heard of the meeting before the judge is that the judge chewed the church's lawyers out for incompetence in how they handled the case though that account comes filtered through someone who was annoyed with said lawyers. Still, I think they did handle the whole thing badly in many areas. Then again, I have some distance from it and do not have the whole story. Take everything but the settlement happening with a grain of salt.

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