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"the Plates Of Voree" Casting Call


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Here's your chance to join the cast of a new "Mormon" movie:


“The Elders of Voree” follows the archaeological search for the Mormon golden tablets, all solved and resolved by Etta Olson, an older detective.




Of course this is not about Joseph Smith's golden tablets; but rather tablets allegedly found by James Strange in Voree Wisconsin.

It pays $100 per day.


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Is this being made by a pro Strangite or pro Mormon company? I know the Voree plates are very controversial and I'm curious about the conclusion they come to in the story. I know I've heard some left Strangs movement after having doubts.

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Gee a whole $20.00 a day.  By the time one pays travel and lodging and meals you are supplementing the movie company. 


But gives an inspiring actor (who lives in Wisconsin) film credit experience.  Several bad guy and romantic roles.

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