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Bokovoy Class On Historical Jesus At Uofu This Fall

Robert F. Smith

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David Bokovoy is a great teacher.  He is funny, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.


call 801-581-5362 for further information


Dr. David E. Bokovoy classes Fall 2014 at University of Utah


Hebrew 388  “Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Culture”  Tues & Thurs  3:40 - 5:20 pm  OSH 233  ($385 audit fee) (meets with Hebrew 3880 section 1 and Middle East Studies 3880 section 2)

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Culture is a course designed to introduce students to the basic skills necessary to begin studying the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in its original language. Though this course focuses primarily upon the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary, it also provides students with an introduction to scholarly resources including dictionaries, and lexicons, that will assist in interpreting the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.



Hebrew 4900  “The Historical Jesus”  Tues & Thurs  6:00 - 7:30 pm  BU C 106

The Historical Figure of Jesus in a First Century Jewish Context



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