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Tom Christofferson: Gay Mormon Shares His Journey Back To Faith


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I'm sick of hearing that there is a gay, feminist liberal.... agenda... furthermore there are most certainly church members who are not loving towards homosexuals. Just as there are open minded and loving church members. Fact is... there are a lot of leaders whose remarks can not be interpreted as anything but judging and cruel. I had a branch President last year who gave a testimony about the sin of homosexuality and how it is certainly a choice AND a sin. I lost three investigators from my class due to those remarks. Unacceptable! The Gospel is for everyone. Tolerances for homosexuality are minimal in the church and it is archaic.

I understand what you are saying from a very personal side...I have a lot on insight into this issue. I think some feel that a very hard line on the issue is a way of insuring their children will not be this way. This is wrong headed, as people do not choose to be gay. However, being the father of a gay child, the people who knew her growing up in our Ward treat her with such love and respect and to suggest that a large part of Mormons hate Gays is not my experience. Either I am in an odd Ward, or this is not so. Just because people oppose Gay Marriage does not mean they hate Gay people, but hold marriage sacred. I know it does exist to a degree as a long time friend of mine who has two Gay children calls them all sorts of names. Also the Bible is not very friendly toward homosexuality. Note that our own scriptures say nothing. The reality is this...they cannot help how they feel, but like us all they can choose how they
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