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Dumb Question...

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How do I post a new topic in the general forum? I am greeted by this lovely message in the top right: "You cannot start a new topic". But there is no explanation as to why or how I go about changing that. I couldn't find the answer on the help page, and I would have messaged a moderator if I could figure out how to do that as well. Thanks!

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Hello Whitethunder...


So why don't you post again here and tell us a little about yourself?  Are you interested in participating here regularly?  Have you been browsing and decided you would like to join in?  And whatever else you feel like sharing about yourself generally... like the general area you're from... or particularl interests... and oh yes, I always ask... are you a dog person or a cat person... or both...  


from the beautiful central Oregon coast... GG

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