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There are some times when you are just glad to be old....heheheh...its less than ten minutes...oh my...its already over...


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cal...thanks...you are very kind. I really hope you liked what you heard.


I had this record...a loooong time ago. It sounded so good tonight, and only 16, 279 hits on you tube. You can't measure quality by you tube hits.


I have quit listening to anything on the radio except this...http://www.allclassical.org/...until Pentecost...


It started out as penance and now...I think I am hooked...I don't think I can go back to sports talk...not full time anyway.


I know I can't stomach "classic rock".


(I still stand by my Sammy Davis Jr. video from a while back) Oh man...Sammy...

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Okay sorry...one more from the old days...Sandy Denny...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guFZkLxYM60 (73,287)


listen to the story...listen to the music...listen to the voice...listen to the poetry...hehehe...God bless us all. God loves us!

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I don't have enough patience for the commercials, never do radio anymore.


All Classical is listener supported! No commercials. You can listen anywhere in the world on the internet...They only make you feel guilty twice a year in the spring and the fall when they remind you that everybody else is paying for your pleasure. We just got past the last fundraiser. I only lost a hundred bucks! Delightful folk explaining the music...They are really cool...Everything from Baroque to Copland, and lute to symphony...Very eclectic. Once in a while, I find myself leading the orchestra out on the highway...even though my rhythm has been questioned for decades, I think I am spot on! This one time they played the whole Lone Ranger theme. William Tell Overture by Rossini. Robert was just coming on at 1 PM and Christa was commenting about how he couldn't hold still during the playing...and neither could I...rolling down I-205 from Oregon City...listen in...you will love the folks who love the music! Its a little sad. This stuff just isn't as appreciated as it should be.  

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