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Bradshaw Ad For Civil Marriage Equality In Utah


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I knew that Dr. Bill Bradshaw (one of my old BYU professors and an active church member) has been an outspoken LGBT ally.  But I don't live in Utah so I hadn't seen this new ad in which he and his wife advocate for civil marriage equality in the state.


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Just saw the commercial with he and his wife, they did a great job. If you haven't listened yet, Dr. Bradshaw is on a Mormon Stories podcast where he tells his story.


Is he the Biologist?


Yes, he's a biologist.


Here is a link to his first Mormon Stories podcast in which he talks about the biological origin of homosexuality.  And here's a link to his second Mormon Stories interview... a 5-part series covering Dr. Bradshaw's life, faith, and thoughts on homosexuality and the church.


And then here's the MS interview with Dr. Bradshaw's son, Brett Bradshaw (who is referenced in the ad).


I've listened to all of them and found them fascinating.

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It's too bad.  There already was marriage equality in the state.

yeah right.  Everyone has the right to marry.  I have no idea why gays are fighting for marriage equality.  Nothing to see here.  Move on.


Do you have any idea why this argument has yet to be used in a court of law??

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