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Lds Bishop Helping Ward Members Sign Up For Obamacare


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Perhaps the topic was locked because the discussion should be in the "news" section. The Bishop of the Salt Lake City 12th Ward, has assigned a member of the ward to act as an unofficial navigator for helping members of the LDS Ward sign up for Obamacare. It would appear that according to the Church spokes person quoted, that the Bishop if fulfilling his calling by administering to the temporal needs of those under his stewardship.


This is a political topic, do not open another thread about Obamacare.

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Not to mention that the Eleventh Article of Faith says we believe in honoring and sustaining the law.


I'm all for health care reform...  This "law" isn't it!

There are only several parts of the law that anyone can really support such as no penalty for pre-conditions, but this "law" caused millions to lose their health care that they were perfectly happy with, and now must go into the exchanges or buy other insurance, and most are finding their premiums increased, their deductibles went up, they are not saving $2500 per year as was promised, they did not get to keep their doctors as they were promised, etc etc.  In other words, lies were told to sell the law and millions of people are finding out just how putrid this law is...

Story after story has come forth about the harm this law has done to families... oh, but then there is Harry Reid standing on the floor of the senate telling us that ALL of these stories are lies.  How dare he!!  And how dare the admin and Obama stand there and give out the BS numbers for sign-ups... how many of the sign-ups are those who were thrown off of their previous insurance and must now go into Obamacare??!  And how many of the 7 million have actually PAID for their insurance... they don't have insurance until they actually pay a premium. 

There were approx 40 million uninsured individuals before Obamacare... this was to supposed to solve that problem... but the CBO estimates there will still be about 30 million uninsured...

My sis can barely afford her healthcare premiums now (lives on a small pension and Soc Sec).  If her premiums go up, I don't know what she will do... she's waiting to see what is going to happen. It does not look good.



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