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A Great Message About Bullying

why me

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Kudos to you for overcoming, Kenngo! It's always good to see strength winning out over adversity.

A great sense of humour helps a lot!

I may not have the same challenges now that I did then, but the battle isn't over, I assure you.  At times, would that it were!  All one can do is keep fighting, I suppose.  And I agree: a sense of humor is a great lubricant against life's frictions. :)

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That video is nice and all, but I prefer the classics.  Did you ever hear the story of the girl and the can of dog food...?  I heard it when I was 10 years old, and I still think of it every time I walk by the pet food aisle.

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Oh, so that's what an average-looking guy looks like these days, eh?  Maybe I'm more handsome than I thought! :D  (For the record, you may very well be right. :))

Your personality makes you handsome and of course your humor!! :)

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