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And Now For Your Moment Of Zen

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    • By BookofMormonLuvr
      For those interested, here is the "sermon" I gave today @ the Zarahemla Restoration Branch in Independence, MO. We had the honor of having Bob Millet, BYU Prof. Keith Wilson, Richard (and Mrs.) Moore (Orem Institute Director), and BYU Associate Prof. Matthew Sherer (?)  Michael McKay join us (he taught he Adult Sunday School today). They were in town for the JWHA meeting. We also had the privilege of having a number of members of the Church of Jesus Christ (Monongahela, PA) join us. Without further adieu:

      Sermon starts about 20-25 minutes in.
    • By Okrahomer
      This made me laugh and cry. 
      A snippet from the Deseret News article:
      "...With a running start, the eager Mormon missionary and former high school football player embraced his mother with such vigor that they fell to the ground.
      The family laughed, the security guards looked concerned and the video of the event can be seen on YouTube.
      But what can't be seen is the relief of a single mother who completed five straight years of having children on Mormon missions.
      Susie Atwood, a mother of seven, became a widow in 2005, four years after her oldest son returned from his mission to Haiti.
      From 2008 to 2013, she sent one daughter and three sons on missions, three of them overlapping for 10 months..."
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