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I'm an active life-long Mormon interested in science, technology, religion, and philosophy.

My modern philosophical interests are influenced by a crowd including John Lennox (various lectures from the Veritas forum - look them up on YouTube), Alvin Plantinga (from his book 'Where the Conflict Really Lies'), and the atheist Thomas Nagel (in his book 'Mind and Cosmos'). I'm a great lover of science and free thought, but also a critic of scientism and/or amoral, cynical world-views.

My current religious study frequently focuses me on semiotics in the creation account, temple ceremony, and on how Christ emphasized the power of the subjective application of covenant keeping as a means of "knowing" the truth of the gospel over a purely unbiased intellectual derivation of its truth.


I try to keep the discussion between science, philosophy, and religion honest on all sides. Hopefully I'm not making things worse as I try.

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It's something that newbies usually end up doing so it's not usually a problem.


Just remember that when you post links, you have to make them a discussion and not just a 'here it is' kind of thing or you could get into trouble.   People tend to get annoyed when someone posts a lot of links (especially if it's to their own blog) but doesn't take the time and energy to provide commentary and comment so that some concise aspect of the link can be discussed or debated.


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