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I have found some old articles to go over again. They speak to me and give me comfort when confronted with the complexities of Mormonism. Knowing Brother Joseph Again by Karl Sandberg and The Book of Mormon as a Modern Expansion of an Ancient Source by Blake Ostler. They always enlighten me. Then I read some essays in A Thoughtful Faith edited by Philip Barlow, which got me reading the second edition of Mormons and the Bible by the same author.

Beyond those, Greg Kofford books has so many interesting books. There is Adam Miller, and David Bokovoy as well as many reprints of some oldies but goodies. David`s book about the Old Testament and the Books of Moses and Abraham are like eating a warm peach pie with vanilla ice cream. It just tastes so good. Then I started pouring through Outlines of Ecclesiastical History by BH Roberts. More peach pie for the soul.

Alas I read too much. So much to read, so many stacks, so many bookmarks and so much money spent on-books.

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Barry Bickmore. Where did he end up? I think he is a super smart engineer who was doing graduate work in W Virginia. I met him somewhere and talked to him about engineering and of course his early Christian history stuff. I keep hearing about NT Wright. I am going to need to read him. Right after I wrote this post a friend gave me a translation of the first five books of the Bible by Robert Alter. It has been very good and has complimented David Bokovoy`s book.

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