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Happy St. Valentine's Day, Ladies!


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Happy Valentine's to you too!  :D  I'm skipping the chocolate and saving it for my birthday in two weeks.  But I told my husband he can buy me some fruit.

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A more respectful answer: figure out something to do together which he really enjoys and you like doing, once-in-a-while.

Buy an hour for two at the gun range if he likes to shoot and you enjoy it periodically. Or the archery range or the tennis court or the ski slope. Or Winter Worlds Of Fun. Or whatever.

If gunfire makes your head hurt then--not that. If you SUCK at tennis and hate it, then--nope. Do something y'all enjoy doing together. It's YOUR Valentine's Day, too. It isn't a penance.

If money is the issue: break out or borrow a toboggan and hie to the nearest snow-covered hillside.

Guys especially like DOING THINGS with their significant others. The flowers thing is nice but--usually feels kinda 'girl-y'.

Of course you might have a florist create a "floral arrangement" of cheeses, sausages, barbeque sauces, chocolates, and whatever other goodies your fella enjoys.

Hope this less humourous response helps!

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Great ideas guys!  Sorry if I derailed when I asked for them.  :)


I just wonder if for so many years I took it that it was mainly a one way deal, with the hubby/boyfriend giving to the girl.  Just thought I should be the one giving also, I usually always write in a card, or sometimes buy garments/socks/cologne.  But the suggestions given sound fun, I'd love to go shooting!  There's always next year.


Happy Valentine's Day to a great group of peeps!  

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I love the fondue idea....we have our own that never gets used...maybe next year. Add in mini angel food and pound cakes and we have a winner.

Though I would hark back to Kindergarten and make it for the whole class (family) and just have in addition a special valentine for my true love. :)

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