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Well I'm Dagnabbed! Lookit All The Online Lds Channels. Which Is Your Favorite?


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We opted to go back to DirectTV a few months ago and I found BYU-TV along with EWTN and sundry Protestant channels. (Y'all were wondering why I started posting again after long years of not, weren't ya?)

I also moved to the 21st century and got this phone that lets me do all kinds of stuff my old computer and laptop never seemed able to do: like listen to internet radio.

Out of curiosity I just checked to see if there were some LDS internet channels around.

Quite a few, actually. YLDS is actually playing "Nearer My God To Thee" as I sit here.

So: what are y'all's favorite channels?

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I wonder why we don't have LDS sermons on the radio, non subscription radio. I can listen to non LDS sermons though. For a church big on missionary work you'd think they might want to do that. They could play conference talks and devotionals on KSL or other LDS owned stations. But I know you were probably only talking about internet and TV.

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