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What Gender Should Transgender Women In The Church Marry?

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I am a bisexual transgender woman who has transition from male to female. I live in a state where gay marriage is legal. My state considers me me a woman. So under the eyes of my state and the federal government, if I marry a woman (as I have), it will be a gay marriage,


I'm not clear what gender the church considers me. The proclamation of the family says that gender roles are eternal, but doesn't define how to find gender.


This is a problem because to me at least, it seems that for any way you define gender, you have the option for something in between. Chromosomes? Plenty of people who are XXY out there. Genitalia? Plenty of intersex folks. Secondary sex characteristics? I have breasts and have had my facial hair removed. Hormones? I tend to have slightly more estrogen than a natural woman.


Personally, I don't believe there are just two genders. I think I am a third.


So, if the church opposes gay marriage who are trans-people supposed to marry?


I haven't been able to find a clear answer, and I think my family is confused as to whether I am living in sin by having sex with my wife or not.


Curious if anyone has a doctrinal response to that or generally how the church defines gender in ambiguous cases.

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