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Funny Kid Pronunciations


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Kids have the most hilarious ways of pronouncing things, but I think my friend's daughter has one of the best.


Meatloaf = meatlove


Her family always calls it that now.


What are your favorite mispronunciations?  :D

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My niece couldn't pronounce my daughter's name and ended up calling her Sassy (her name starts with an "S" but I have no clue where the rest of it came from).  "Sassy" still gets called that by us and her aunt from time to time.  It's kind of sad not hearing it from my niece anymore, but she is quite the young woman now and that would be beneath her.   :)

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For some reason my daughter could say most things really well when she was little, but she pronounced lips as "ploos".  And my son called water "lolly".  We still laugh about that one.


Our daughter can't figure out "yesterday".  She says, "Last morning we went to the store." 

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My kids called Gatorade "alligator".   :D

My youngest asked if she could have the purple alligator to drink. I had bought her purple gatorade as purple is her fav color. I laughed. THen she dropped it in the car and said "I dropped my alligator". Even after we told her it was gatorade. So funny.

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I don't have children... but I have a mother.... she had nicknames for my sis and me... and for my husband.  She used to address her envelopes to my husband and me by our nicknames and our last name... I always wondered what the postman must have thought because they were pretty funny, particularly mine...  

I agree about children and the way they pronounce things... really endearing and innocent...  Sometimes I look into the faces of the small children at Church and think... what an absolute miracle they are...



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During my son's baptism preparation lessons with the Missionaries (he didn't want to get baptised when he was 8, and instead waited until he was 9 so had to be baptised as a convert), while discussing the Plan of Salvation he called the Telestial Kingdom the Testicle Kingdom. All of us were laughing for a least five whole minutes before we can carry on :)

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My second son couldn't figure out how many syllables were in "banana," so he just called it a "banananananana."


When my oldest son was about two, we had just got him a small pool table with all the balls and cue sticks.  He just really enjoyed it.  One night, we had the missionaries over and about a half hour into the visit, our son runs into his bedroom and comes out with all the balls shoved down into his underwear.  The first words out of his mouth were "Look elders, I have lots of balls."  I still laugh about that.

When my second son's oldest son was about four, he comes into the front room and sits next to his dad and the following conversation ensues according to my son:

Me: "Ben, teeth time, prayer time, bed time:".
Ben: "But Dad I don't want to go to bed and I'm not tired".
Me: "Ben I don't recall asking you what you wanted".
Ben: "Ok I will make you a deal, I can stay up, watch Cars, and have a banana chocolate milkshake ok"?
Me: "Ben that isn't a deal, that's you getting your way".
Ben: (proceeds to throw him self on the couch and head bangs the arm) "ITS NOT FAIR"!!!
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I think I've told this one before...

My daughter was about three iirc and we were at church on a very cold day. Did not want to wear a coat. We had the standoff by the back door. Conversation went something like this....

'Put your coat on, it is too cold out there'


'do it or we can't go out'

'don't want to'

'you need to or you will get cold'

'uh uh, angels don't get cold'

Okay, that one got me for a bit.

'so you're an angel?'


'can't argue with that, let's go, angel'

Minute later by the car...

'Mom, can I have my coat please?'

Then there's the argument she had at the same age with my husband....if anyone has seen Mathilda it may sound a bit familiar as my husband was sort of plagiarising it, being much, much nicer than Mathilda's father he skipped the 'you're small, you're dumb' etc part but it was a favourite of our daughter so she knew exactly what he was playing at....I will use her nickname "Sassy" to illustrate (I've promised not to name drop her name all over the Internet with all my stories about our family)

They are standing toe to toe...she's probably somewhere around 3 feet and is this delicate birdlike creature that looks like she could be blown away by a minor breeze and he's 6 foot 2 husky build staring down at her with his hands on his hips....so twice as tall and a whole lot more bulk

'you need to go pick up your toys now'

'don't want to'

Doesn't really matter, it's that time'

'not going to'

'and I am telling you that you have to'


'because I'm more big and more old and more tough than you are...and there's nothing you can do about it!'

She didn't miss a beat with her response, her hands went up and were firmly placed on her hips as she stared up with her steely gaze...

'well, I'm more Sassier than you, so there!'

She did manage a bit of delay as she reduced him to practically rolling on the floor....she always had her own unique logic that no one could persuade her out of, that girl.

Add-on..just went and watch the video of that scene which refreshed my memory of the interchange so have edited a bit...my kids have made me wish many a time that I had total recall.

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Kid logic


From my DIL.  Her son is Levi and he's really cheeky.

Me: "Levi go jump in the car we have to pick Croix up...."
Levi: "Mom, it's OK. I can stay here and take care of myself, you go..."
Me: "Levi what make you think that?"
Levi: "Mom (rolling his eyes) I can make my own sandwich ya know...I'll be fine!"

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Along time ago when I was watching my older son's soccer game, my younger son came up to me and asked for a 'Bud Light', really loudly where people heard it. I realized he'd been watching too much sports with beer commercials or something.. What he meant to say was "Sunny Delight".

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I forget where I read this... but I love it... about the little girl that was maybe 2 - 3 and was acting up during Sac mtg.  Her mother had about enough so she picked her up and was marching out to the foyer with the girl over her shoulder... the girl held out her arms and said, pointing toward the pulpit... Bishop!! save me!!



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Cal, that is funny and reminded me when my son was about three and I was having a bad day and was yelling at him. He just looked at me and quietly asked "Does Jesus yell?" What a wake up call!

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Loving the stories! 


I just remembered this one from when my son was probably 3 or 4.  "Scooby Doobie doo where are you?  Underpants too!" He used to repeat that for the longest time!

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My 4 year old grandson had an imaginary friend (who happened to be Brian, from the Fast and Furious movies). One day he decided to go out to the car on his own to fetch a toy. We live in a quiet cul-de-sac and the car was across the road from the house. My daughter (his aunt) chastised him for crossing the road on his own.


His response, 'I wasn't on my own, Brian was with me'

My daughter: 'Brian doesn't count'

His response: 'Brian can count. With his eyes closed.Walking backwards'


How do you respond to that???  Brian:1 Aunty:0

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The imaginary friend thing can be quite funny.  My Mother was trying to find her expensive new digital camera the other day.  She re-traced her steps several times and could find it nowhere.  She was on the verge of panic, when it occurred to her to expand the search to include recent visitors.  As she began to eliminate potential “perpetrators”, fingers seemed to be pointing toward one of the grandchildren (just one out of more than 40) who had visited since she purchased the camera.  This particular granddaughter currently keeps company with an imaginary friend named Peter.  But when Mom asked this little girl if she happened to know where the camera was, the little pixy said “no.”


So, Mom asked everyone at home at the time to help her look.  She instructed that nothing should remain unsearched—we were to look in every nook and cranny, on top of and under every piece of furniture.  This little granddaughter was especially diligent.  She began looking—with everyone else—over and under wherever her little eyes could see.  During our searching though, we lost track of her for a while.  When she reappeared, she had an odd “ball” that appeared to be made of nothing but sticky packing tape.  She brought the “ball” directly to Grandma.  Intrigued, Mom started to unwrap the ball from its sticky cocoon.  After considerable effort, the lost camera was found!  All eyes turned to the granddaughter, and with no prompting at all, she revealed the true culprit:


“Peter did it.”

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One day I brought my friend's daughter to the park with us (she's 5) and we picked up some lunch so we could have a picnic.  Despite my best efforts, she kept complaining to me that she was bored.  When I dropped her off, I half sang, "Thanks for comiiiiing!"


Without missing a beat, she said, "It was boriiiiiing!" 

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