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Some Random Questions


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Some random questions


I have heard that Sidney Rigdon was compared to a modern day John the Baptist, and I can't seem to find that in the scriptures, does anyone know if this is true that he was compared to John the Baptist?


Why did they go to 6 week transfers in the mission field? I was there for the switch from 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know why?


At General Conference you see the speaker speaking and the pulpit area is lighted and it seems dark everyone else, is that how it really is in the conference centre and previous to that in the Tabernacle?

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As to number three, it was also like that in the Tabernacle. As a young adult I could see my old high school band teacher seated in the choir right over the speakers shoulder, then as the lights would dim, he would fade from view. 

Number two may have something to do with simply having to manage more missions. When I was out, there were only about 180 missions, so the paperwork to shuffle them all every month would have been less onerous than with 300-400 missions. Remember, we are not only dealing with internal transfers, but when new missionaries arrive at the MTC's and ship out. I'd hate to be in charge of THAT spreadsheet.

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