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New Year


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Here is hoping you all have a good and happy 2014.


And to you also, ERayR... May you be well and happy...


from the beach... GG

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I always like to think of a New Year like a blank canvas and I'm standing in front of it with my brush raised... sometimes it can be intimidating, but mostly hopeful.  I start to add colors to the canvas with each stroke.  Sometimes the color or stroke is not what I want and I have to do my best to correct it... so that it continues to flow in the direction I envision... I always remember what my art instructor said in a demonstration... you will notice that the best, most beautiful paintings will place the darkest dark against the lightest light... that the dark will make the light "zing"... that we need the darks to appreciate the lights...


From the beach on a sunny, clear, crisp January morning...



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