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I'm Back... And My Blog Urls


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This is Ed Goble.  I am back on this message board.


I thought I would give links to my blogs.


The first one is my general blog:




And the second one is my specific blog for my research on the Book of Abraham and the KEP (Joseph Smith's Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar):




Rather than posting a lot on here trying to get feedback on things like I used to, most of what I will be writing will be on these blogs.  I will be posting here now and again.



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So... what happened to you?  Lose your account with the new board?  I thought they transferred everyone over.


And what does this mean?



One interesting development for where a lot of the water came from for the flood is called Atmospheric Rivers.<!--[if !supportFootnotes]--><!--[endif]--> 


Some coding error?

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