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I Just Came Back From My First Gay Wedding Reception

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  • 2 weeks later...

Lol...saw them in concert at the Big E, the crowd went nuts singing

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    • By california boy
      I have not started a thread in several years.  So deciding to do this is not without careful thought.  In another thread, I brought this scripture up with several very interesting reactions to it. I felt like I would like to explore this prophecy of Paul, and it should be done in it's own thread.  Two things make these verses very interesting.  First, Paul clearly states that unlike some of his writings, this is not just his opinion.  He starts his point out saying specifically "Now the Spirit speakers".  The second important distinction from other writings of Paul is this part. " In the latter times".  Paul is not talking about his opinion or his time and issues of his day.  He is talking specifically about our time, the latter days under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  
      Growing up, these Bible verses were used to point at "that other church" as proof that they had strayed from the teachings of Christ.  Looking back at it now, I see how wrong that belief was.  Because while my church teachers were pointing to "that other church" the church itself was forbidding to marry.  Perhaps the worse part of the discrimination against blacks was not the denying of the priesthood to them, but the denying families of temple marriage.
      At the very core of the gospel is the Plan of Happiness.  And at the very core of that Plan of Happiness is the family.  You take eternal marriage and the importance of family out of that plan and you have nothing.  In fact the whole reason for the gospel collapses.  Yet, in these latter days, when the church forbids gay couples from marrying, that is exactly what that policy does to gay members.  It takes away from them the Plan of Happiness simply because they are gay.  It excludes them from the very fundamental core of the gospel in exactly the same way as past policies took away the Plan of Happiness simply because they were black.
      I don't believe there is any other single issue that is dividing faithful members of the church more than this issue.  According to the documents posted on Mormon leaks 70% of the young people are leaving the church.  Many of them point specifically to the policy concerning gays as the reason they can no long in good consciousness stay involved in the church.  On this board we have those serving in leadership positions who reject the church policy of forbidding marriage simply because someone is gay.  In just ONE year, the church has seen a drop of 11% opposing gay marriage.  Ultimately, where is this policy headed.  Why is the Spirit whispering to so many members that something is wrong. in baring someone from core fundamental teachings of the gospel.
      Just how easily is it to dismiss this prophecy of Paul "latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;....Forbidding to marry".
    • By Darren10
      Here a new approach to survey Mormons with same sex attraction. It was formulated by people of different backgrounds as to establish some sort of balance on the topic. 
      And apparently there are already some positive results of feeling more empowered to talk about Mormons with same sex attractions. 
      Groundbreaking Study Seeks to Support Mormons Experiencing Same-Sex Attraction
    • By phaedrus ut
      I just saw the October 2016 Ensign article Stand as True Millennials by Russell M. Nelson that reaffirmed the November policy change regarding same sex married couples as officially apostates and denying baptism to their children.  Under section 3 it says
      Surveys have show that support for same sex marriage is strongest among millennials and this includes Mormon millennials. Was this a way to draw a line in the sand saying you can't be a "True Mormon Millennial" and support gay marriage because it's literally "the mind and will of the Lord"?
    • By Mystery Meat
      I think one of the tools that devil and his allies use in the minds of otherwise well-meaning folks is sensationalism. I think sensationalism is used to sound unnecessary alarm with things that are correctly identified as evil. However, sometimes the alarm is being sounding for facets, or claimed consequences, of a given evil thing that are not nearly as damaging or are so rare/absurd as to distract from the more subtle and pernicious evil. I think this has been the case with erasing gender with transgender bathrooms and destroying the family with same sex marriage. This is being done quietly, while people cry and scream about pedophiles and perverts, thus distracting from the real evils.
    • By Five Solas
      The LDS Church has been loud in its opposition to legalized same sex marriage - perhaps most famously (infamously?) in its support for "Proposition 8" in California a few years back.  They've had company, of course.  Plenty of Evangelicals, Catholics, and other Christians have endeavored to hold the line for "traditional marriage." 
      But while LDS have been loud & clear on the same sex marriage issue--they're relatively-speaking quiet on the question of legalized abortion where the mother's health is not in question (what I'm calling for purposes of this thread, "convenience abortion").  This is not to say LDS are in favor of abortion (they aren't)--but they clearly haven't shown the same political interest/energy in the matter of legalized convenience abortion.  And certainly not in comparison to Evangelicals and Catholics. 
      Why is that? 
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