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Hypothetical Situation


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Let's say you're getting ready to go cut down your Christmas tree with your family and you remembered there is still dog poo on your daughter's boots on the back porch.  Do you:


a.  Wash the boots in the kitchen sink where a feast is currently being prepared




b.  Wash it in the bathroom where poo belongs.


We're assuming here that no hose is available, which would be the obvious correct choice.


This question is for science or something.

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This is the funniest!  I always wash my kids shoes off in the kitchen sink.  Probably not dog poo, but maybe I have.  But always wash it down with Comet afterwards.  Would make better sense to do those things in the bathroom.  And would be even better if I had a sink in the mudroom or garage! ;)  Hope you let us know how the science project turns out!

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Wash them wherever you want. and is convenient. Just make sure you clean up afterwards. Normal household cleaning products are just fine.

But what if your wife is in the middle of cooking and wants to hurt you for even thinking about it?  :lol:  Hypothetically.

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ecoli is definitely an out-of-kitchen deal. However, with the proper clean up afterward it is more a mental thing.  Proper means complete cleaning so that nothing is left afterward.  The more I think of this the more I find the bathroom the only acceptable option.


For example, you are going out the door and just have to urinate. Do you use the kitchen sink or do you go to the bathroom?  What is the difference between the two proposals?

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My son said, "Mom, I'm a boy.  I would have done the same thing."  Hahahahaha. 


To me, the bathroom is a much better place, plus we have a handheld sprayer, which would make it much easier to clean. 

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