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'the Same God? Twelve Beliefs The Mormon Church Might Not Want You To Know About'


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My thoughts in the link are that it's pretty basic stuff written by people who are probably sincere in their desires to save the poor deluded Mormons, but that don't know as much about their topics as they think they do.

Kind of shows how dangerous a little bit of knowledge is.

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Nothing even close to new (or even interesting).  Same old objections to Mormonism as are always raised.  Evangelicals treat these things like they are unknown to Mormon members or those who are investigating.  Truth is, most people know them and don't care.  There isn't a thing on this list that would so much as make me raise an eyebrow.

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Here, let me quote Dr. Peterson:


It is, I will confess, an increasingly wearisome chore. I have joked about the film that my colleague William Hamblin and I want to produce: Bill and Dan's Excellent Adventure in Anti-Mormon Zombie Hell. Like others who occasionally feel called upon to survey the dreary precincts of the fundamentalist anti-Mormon demimonde, we are growing tired of the tendency—very widespread among these crusading ministries and publications—endlessly to repeat arguments that have been answered years ago, to ignore counterevidence and opposing interpretations, to proceed in blissful and sometimes even defiant ignorance of crucial data. It is truly difficult, for one who, like me, enjoyed spending an adolescent hour or two watching old horror films, not to think of those black-and-white Grade B monster movies, with their advancing hordes of mindless zombies whom no number of direct hits could ever quite stop.

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The thread title creates the problem of you having to work now to establish your credibility IMO rather than being given the benefit of the doubt that most new posters get.

Poor reporting too. Haglund is not a church leader for one thing.

What makes the article especially ridiculous is that a number of the ones Nugent came close to or got right get taught by missionaries....so much for the Church not wanting people to know about them.

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