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Masons And Masonic Symbols

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So I was watching this show called Ghost Mine. And in this reality show they open up a mine in Oregon that was owned by the Masons. Inside this mine there was several bulk heads with the All Seeing Eye that sealed up the mine. There was also a few instances of 3 triangles that formed a larger triangle.


At the end of the season the miners come to a wall that was contructed out of stone and cement. On this wall was 3 triangles in the form of a triangle. No one knows what was on the other side. However there were several noises and growls comming from the other side.


Now the point of this thread is not to discuss if what was going on was real or not. What I want to know is what is the purpose of the wall and the 3 triangles. What is the purpose of the All Seeing Eye.  What do those symbols mean and what does it mean when they build walls and put them on it. It seems teh purpose was to keep people out. Any info would be great.


I can't seem to find much information other than generic info. Thanks much.

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I did find this:




This symbol, while perhaps more emphatically presented to the Royal Arch Mason than to the Master Mason is, nevertheless, a possession of the Master Mason and one that, however unobtrusive the references to it may be, is by no means absent from the Master's Lodge. Exoterically the Equilateral Triangle is presented by the Compass of the Square and Compass as, when that symbol is opened to the extent of sixty degrees (as it should be) and a third, and connecting, side, connecting the ends of the legs, is supplied, we have presented the Equilateral Triangle. Again, when the Three Lesser Lights are placed about the Altar they define the Equilateral Triangle.


From time immemorial the Equilateral Triangle has been preeminently the symbol for Deity. For the Triangle is the primary figure from which all others are built up and the Equilateral Triangle, being wholly symmetrical, is the one perfect Triangle and thus clearly becomes the symbol for that Perfect Being in which all things find their beginning This Symbol is so completely appropriated to the purpose of a symbol for Deity and Perfection that to here treat of its various other, and decidedly minor, symbolic significances would but obscure its pre-eminent symbolic meaning.


In conclusion, then, the Triangle, in the two forms here discussed, teaches the Mason that far more lies in Masonic symbolism and in Masonic instruction than appears upon the surface; causes him to contemplate Universal Nature; points out the probable source of an important symbolic Legend; draws his attention to what is probably, the world's oldest symbol, and fixes his attention upon Deity and Perfection. Is not the study of Masonic symbolism worth the while


I wonder if 3 triangles represent the God head. Of course I really don't know what it means to the Masons.

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