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Salt Lake City, National Bible City, 2013


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • By canard78
      Peggy Fletcher Stack claims that "today's crisis of faith among Information Age believers somehow seems new... (and) vast... Their numbers appear staggering."
      Stack uses the useful columnists' words: "seems" and "appears." She offers no solid evidence that I can find other than anecdotal. Are we really in an era of doubt, or does the advent of the internet simply mean that those who doubt have more situations to discuss that doubt, making it feel more prevalent? I'm sure that Stack spends plenty of time in the non-representative "bloggernacle."
      When I was actively involved in both "chapel Mormonism*" (the day to day life of meetings, activities, home teaching etc) and "bloggernacle Mormonism" (groups like bycommonconsent, this forum, Mormon stories etc) it was like two different churches. The "chapel mormons" had generally never heard of John Dehlin, CESLetter, puremormonism etc. They enjoyed their church experience, got on with life and while certainly having personal challenges, weaknesses and, yes of course, doubts, they didn't get drawn into the navel gazing and angst of the bloggernacle.
      So are we really in a new era of doubt? If we are, will Mormonism (or the faith of Mormons) become stronger in this new era of doubt?

      *I don't use the term in a derogatory way, I was just looking for a term to describe the day-to-day Mormon experience.
    • By Kenngo1969
      I thought perhaps some here might be interested in this.  (I'm probably wrong.  My topics rarely attract much interest. Still ...)  I just sent it to the Tribune.  For the article in question, click on the link to Saints Alive (I know.  Hold your nose if you have to! )
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