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Thousands Died, But The Missionaries Are Safe...


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Don't intend to sound negative here. I know that the LDS church will be sending aid to the Typhoon survivors, and that our missionaries are safe. I am just saying that from what I am seeing on my Facebook, it appears as if we are more worried about our Missionaries than the thousands who died and those survivors who will die and the survivors whose lives are shattered.


Having been in Honduras on a relief effort after Hurricane Mitch ...


I am just saying this as privately as I can here, in an LDS forum, hoping that this will get to the folks who are doing our FB stuff.


Using a tragedy of this magnitude to take shots at something else is considered very poor form on this board.

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I think the emphasis on missionaries in the news was mainly in the Salt Lake City area, where anxious families awaited word that was long in coming.

It is worth noting that the church has opened up it's meetinghouses as shelters. Since the chapels are constructed to western building standards, they were often the least damaged buildings around. And yes, the church is sending in relief supplies, and once the basics of life have been restored, you will see those missionaries back in their areas, but with shovels in hand and yellow t-shirts identifying them, as well as members coming in to help their fellow humans. 

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When a disaster happens, it is natural to think of our own loved ones first, and to spend most of our time and effort on their behalf first and think about the general population second.


It doesn't mean you don't care about the general suffering that is taking place.  It just means that it's easier for humans to care more about people they have attachments to than masses of people they don't know.


It's hard to feel bad or worry for a million people.  It's much easier to feel bad or worry for 2 or 3.  That's just the way our brains function.


It may not be the best way to be, but it is the normal way to be. 


Members of the church generally think of missionaries like family members.  For that reason, they are more connected to them than to the general Pilipino population and are more focused on them than others.  Again, that's only natural.


However, I agree that we don't want to be so focused on our own loved ones that we forget that others are also suffering. 

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