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Is This Offensive To Mormons?


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I'm not very sure I like this video, so much of my Mormon experience feels so sacred. Is this video offensive to mormons, or do I just need to relax a little?


It looks like it was filmed in the Portland, Oregon area.


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The Twilight books were written by an LDS woman.   And she has a huge following, including mormons.   Other women do find the books/movies objectionable, not necessarily all for the same reasons.   But Mormons are supposed to work at not taking offense, so my answer to your question would be, I hope not.   To each his own.

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I thought it was funny. Haha


I thought it was funny, as in farm.  It was also very very very stupid. 


The attempt to resemble Twilight is on a par with Twilight.  Which reinforces the stupidity.


But I am not offended. 

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Confess, I did not watch clip. Amongst my inactive kids, I have one whose wife was addicted to the books. She is the one we consider a dry Mormon. He argued that Twilight's view of sex was consistent with Mormon values, which seemed a bit bizarre to me.

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