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The Most Comfortable Skirt On The Planet.


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I have a skirt that I got from DI that was White to begin with and I dyed it purple. The only problem is it has stains on it that are impervious to the dye. So now the stains stick out like a sore thumb. If I had seen the stains before hand, I would have tried to resolve that first.


It is the most comfortable skirt I have ever owned. It has a Gap label and made in India. It is ankle length and very full. It has an underskirt and the outer skirt has embroidered upside down "Y's" on it. It has only ties and a series of buttons with no zipper.  Is it possible that this skirt was originally a Temple skirt, and sold when it got a bit tatty, or got the stains? If I can not find a place to buy a couple, I suppose I will take on the tasking of sewing one.


This is a gored skirt with a wide strip around the bottom. I'm feeling a bit daunted at the prospect of sewing my own. :)

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