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I Need Your Opinion


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Hello everyone my name is Marcus and it is an absolute please to be here!


Might I add what a blessing it is for technology so that we can communicate and learn from one another without presently being in a specific location.


As the title suggests I really do need opinion and your advise. First I do not regularly create an account on a forum and my first post is a request, I do plan to make contributions throughout the forum in time, but I am actually doing this for brother and he needs your opinion.


Also I do ask from you in a very serious and reverent manner and I hope my writing will convey it you in that way.


My brother and his wife have various laundromats all thorough Texas and they have thought about turning these into facilities that would specifically clean Temple clothing instead of keeping them for the public. 


The process would be similar to this:


1) A member creates an account, with membership number required or some form of verification

2) They can then order online and the first order my brothers company will send them a special shipping package that they use with their customer number on it or something like that and they would ship their Temple clothing directly to the nearest facility. 

3) Within a weeks time or so the clothing will then be shipped back. 


He still has to speak with someone in church about this and see if he can do this, but I wanted to ask you what you thought about this.


I apologize if this sounds like soliciting, but it is just an idea and something he has thought about a lot that could help many members out. I know it is sacred to speak of this and I do speak of it with the highest respect.


If you can please let me know in all honesty if this sounds like something you might be interested in. 


Have an absolutely wonderful day everyone and I appreciate all feedback! :)


All The best,


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I don't know why he'd have to ask the church ----  members are free to send their temple clothes and their underwear to any cleaner they want.  The question would be whether members would feel comfortable sending things to a far away dry cleaner, and how that could be cost effective.   I'd venture that most members simply wash the clothes at home now.

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If it is just washing and not dry cleaning, I would be doubtful that it would be successful as most would just do it at home.


If it is drycleaning as well as machine washing, it could be a good idea for the drycleaning as well as for those who don't want to do the more intricate ironing of one of the items, though if cared for such things rarely need cleaning for most people.  I would assume this would be a sideline of your brother's company as I doubt that it would be sufficient enough to live off of.  I can see offering a service that guarantees the temple clothing will only be cared for by currently endowed members, this would help members feel that their clothing was being given the respect they would give it themselves to a great extent (though the personal sense of connection would be lacking, knowing what it means to someone would tend to create respect in those taking care of the clothing).  From his end, it would mean setting aside a certain time at his facilities where only those involved in the cleaning were present and the clothing would be kept separate from the other nonTemple stuff to avoid having others go through them when looking for other customers' stuff.


The biggest practical problem I would think would be the wrinkling that would come from having to ship it through the mail.  It would be hard to keep costs down while packing in such a way to avoid excessive scrunching up.  He should test how it works first to see the results. 


I assume you or your brother are going around to lds related boards to see if anyone is interested in such.  I would suggest setting up a website where you can collect email addresses of those who would be interested in the service as well as a comment of how often they would use the service to see if you can collect enough commitments.  At the beginning your brother and his wife could handle the work for themselves rather than just having it sent to the nearest facility (unless they have an endowed LDS working for them in multiple facilities), it would probably take awhile to build up the market so they were required to hire someone else so it would not be a major commitment.  


They might need to check into employment discrimination laws and such in case of getting into trouble with requiring a current temple recommend for an employee if they were to ever progress to having someone else do the work.

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