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Missionary Emails


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We had our one previous missionary serving from our Branch out in the field about 5 years ago.

We now have five out at the same time & to be on their weekly emailing lists is amazing.

It's like having General Conference every week, reading of their experiences & seeing just how much they are all maturing & growing.

It has encouraged me to be much more pro-active on social media, reposting excerpts from their emails (with permission) and it seems natural to write to them via email individually & collectively every week.

I always appreciated how close our Branch family was, but things really seem to have gone to a whole new level of unity & missionary work in the Branch has really come to the forefront.

Sister Y serving in Edmonton;

"Just know that I am feeling the benefits of living my life in a way where i constantly have to put... the needs of others before my own. My heart feels like it grows every week. This is the best work and when we turn to the Saviors he can make great things of our lives. I can't even begin to tell you what it feels like to wear his name every day. What an almighty calling and responsibility it is. I pray everyday to find those that will listen and will understand exactly all that this knowledge can do for them. It doesn't bind you down. It sets you free. It really does."

Hermana V serving in Madrid;

"I sincerely love being a missionary. I hope to continue being a part of missionary work after my mission. There is n...o joy like the joy of helping someone come closer to God and to see the change in their countenance. Our long term goal as missionaries is to unite families. We focus on helping them enter into the "strait gate" of baptism and then help them set goals for an eternal family. That is the center of the Lord´s plan for us-- to be eternally happy with our families--- which extends far past just those we know here now and those that are related by blood. We are promised that with each soul we help the Lord to save that "great will be our joy" and true joy is in our families. I like to think that everyone I have taught and learned from in the mission so far will one day be part of my eternal family"

It's great to see that they're all having fun too,as in the attachment;

Convert SpongeBob, convert the world!


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