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Missing The Temple


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I haven't been to the temple in nearly two years.  It's been very hard, ever since my son who has autism started kindergarten.  He is in a closed classroom and they send him home by bus.  He is usually at school from about 8:30 to about 11:30 or so in the morning.  I usually walk him to school, a process that takes about half an hour at the moment.  So, I'm not usually free until after nine am.  In order for me to attend a temple session, I have to block out four and a half hours from my schedule, which is time I don't have.  I miss it terribly.


I need to know the following:

  1. Do you have the same or a similar problem to the one I have?
  2. If you do, how do you handle it?

I could really use the support, my brothers and sisters.



Julie A. Pratt

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Is there someone you could ask to take care of him one morning or afternoon for you?  I know it can be hard with a child with autism as any change in a routine can be very disturbing.  Does he have an aide that perhaps would be willing to take him early or late for a little incentive?  (if you have the financial ability to offer it, that is)


I am also thinking that perhaps it would be wise to start developing a relationship which gives you such support as you have a long run ahead of you and the sooner you get some backup, the less stressful your life will be...even if just a little bit.

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Aside from your temple issue, why is your son only receiving 3 hours per day services when the Natl Research Council opined 10 years ago that students on the spectrum need at least 25 hours per week structured services?  (And that doesn't include time for the OT and SLP and sometimes PT services that students on the spectrum often need in order to benefit from the educational services.    Seems to me that it is highly likely that your child's needs are not being as adequately met as students without disabilities, and is likely not receiving what he needs to master the general curriculum to the extent that his disability allows.


Perhaps if you address this issue, it will help solve the other one.   (If you are in Utah and want to PM your email address, I can send you a flyer of possible resources to help you.   If you have not read from Emotions to Advocacy, or joined copaa.org --- both of those can help parents navigate the system that is intended to assure the civil rights of students with disabilties to effective education.

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Hello Cimmorene...

First of all, you've received some good comments and suggestions here... but along with those that suggested having someone take care of him for a morning or afternoon, I wonder why you haven't developed this connection.

Don't you ever have a morning or afternoon for yourself?  If you don't, you should... people who are caregivers or responsible for a child, as you are, need... repeat, need... a respite now and then.  Time to gather one's self and renew one's emotional energy... that is just plain common sense.  Put it this way... if you got sick or injured you wouldn't be available, so you'd have to find help... so, it's not impossible.  In fact, IMO, it is necessary for your continued health and well being... mental, emotional and spiritual.  So, I strongly encourage you to pursue your options that would allow you to have an occasional break in order to attend the temple... or just to have some time.






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What about the evenings or the weekends?  Are you married, and if yes, can your husband hold down the fort for a few hours one of those times?


PS-I have no idea why my font is so small and can't get it any bigger so, sorry!

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