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As many of you know my wife and I live on a boat. Today we leave on a voyage from Los Angeles to Stockton, CA. It's about a 520 mile run. I have a job in Stockton for a year or so working on boats. It's a nasty run up the California coast. Point Conception is to be respected. It looks like we have a weather window to scoot around to San Luis Obispo late this weekend. Then we'll have to wait for a few days for good weather to make Monterey Bay and then finally San Francisco Bay and up the San Joaquin River. I think we'll be in the Brookside Ward. I look forward to settling down and being in a ward for a year or 2 We would appreciate all prayers for a safe journey. Thanks!

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Hello Rod, my seafaring friend...

You and Patti are always in my prayers... Safe sailing... and yes, I can imagine it will be good to settle for a while.


from the beach... GG

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Thank you Volgadon and GG, We made it around Point Conception yesterday, we were really blessed with some great weather for a dangerous area.

Point Arguello in that coastal area is named after my family... I'm 7th generation Californian (Castillian Spanish).



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We made it safe to our new home. Thanks for your prayers. We hope to make it to our new ward tomorrow.

Man I wish I had you life...wait that would mean I can't have mine. Your travels have helped me imagine not recovering from such an injury as I did. I love the ocean, being near it being on and being in it.
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