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Greeting Newcomers At Church.

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One of the thing that impressed me with the LDS from the first day I came through the door in my first Sacrament Meeting in Kirtland, Ohio was that I was greeted and made comfortable every single time without fail. That first day, I was still in Hijab and people just seemed to ignore it, though I had the deer in the headlights look, I know it!

Most of the time, I can put that mantle on and be very friendly and outgoing and have even had comments from people about having met me. Deep inside, I know that is not me, and it is impossible to keep up all the time, though I feel the pressure to be that way. You'd think that at my age, it would be a thing of the past. I know new folk coming in might feel insecure at first and we are supposed to be friendly. It is a struggle.

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I was visiting at a relatives ward today, and their ward is one with a high turnover rate - always people moving in and moving out, so it's filled with "new" members every day. some of those who were just moving in did not realize that everyone else there was new too, so the bishop kept having to explain the situation - that new people had to welcome other new people into the ward there because everyone was new. Mormons do tend to be very friendly people though. There is a certain demeanor within a lot of them (not all), and I have been trying to catch that demeanor myself.

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