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Lds Missionary/Tomahawk Slam


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So I was listening to sports radio like usual today at work and there was talk about this LDS missionary on You Tube who apparently went skyjam in his missionary clothes on somebody who challenged him to a game. But I can't find it. Its supposed to be pretty authentic and pretty awesome. Has anybody seen it?

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There are two threads in here on it, look for the one that has Reddit in the title or one that BCSpace started.

It looks cool, but I have to ask if the basket was really up that high. It was a driveway hoop that someone said was only 8 ft high, what is regulation standard?

They had a lot of fun though, that was really nice to see. Missionary work shouldn't be all work, imo. And the kids they were playing with were delighted as well, glad to see the competition spirit doesn't rule sports completely.

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I think this is the one:

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If you watch the video you can see how high the hoop actually is when one of the black guys stands directly underneath it and holds onto the pole. It looks pretty high to me but i'm probably not the best judge of such things..

The explanation of the video under it is pretty fun to read as well.

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Not really liking some of the side videos from the You Tube link, I just found this link trying to search for another link.


After playing it cool asking to play because they are "Just some white boys," they were allowed to play and tried to make it look like they weren't that good. That is until they started to play. Turn up the volume and laugh hysterically. "Cole proves that white boys can jump," wrote Allen in the about section of the video.


Elder's father, Wade Payne, noted in the KSL report that his son was just three months into his mission when the game occurred and he told the family about it on a phone call on Mother's Day.

"They didn't know this at the time, but they were already teaching the daughter of the one guy that (Elder Payne) dunked over," his father noted.

The man's daughter was baptized in late May and Elder Payne was later transferred.

Wade Payne also explained that he is happy about the way his son has used basketball in ministry.

"I think it's good because anything that helps these guys interact with locals is good," he said. "It puts a good view on the church as long as they're having fun and doing it that way."

Also a Utah All-State football player, Elder Payne will be playing wide receiver for Southern Utah University when he returns from his mission.


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