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Redux Of Religious Coalition Opposing Obamacare Mandate

Scott Lloyd

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I began composing the following post while my thread was still open, but by the time I finished, I found my thread locked.

I was so chagrined, I am opening this thread to post the message I had composed. But in deference to the decision of the moderators, I will close this current thread as soon as I have posted my message.

So here is the message I had intended to post to my now-closed thread:

You've already had your say. Now it is time to obey the law.

I, like jwhitlock, find this preachment from thesometimesaint to be disturbing.

Inexplicably, he has jumped to the conclusion that just because one objects to this provision of Obamacare in question, one intends to violate the law. Nothing said by me or anyone else on this thread thus far, and nothing in the position of the coalition of faith groups, in any way justifies that conclusion.

thesometimesaint gives grudging lip service to "your political rights to disagree with the law, even find ways to change/repeal the law," yet the whole tenor of his dialogue before and since that admission has been that those of us who oppose it -- or oppose the specific requirement that is the topic of this thread -- should sit down and shut up because Obamacare is done deal.

To this I say, "In your dreams, thesometimesaint."

Abiding by a law in no way requires one to agree with or support it, either through acclamation or acquiescence.

I can obey a law that is in force for the moment, while I at the same time detest it and actively work toward its repeal. We can abide by Obamacare for now, realizing it was pushed through by an intransigent presidential administration and enacted by an extremely partisan portion of Congress. Political regimes come and go. In our country, we are blessed that it is through the orderly election process that they are overthrown from time to time. Thus we can hope and expect that at some point Obamacare or some portion thereof (hopefully the portion that infringes on religious liberty and freedom of conscience), will land in the trashbin of history where it belongs.

We can further that end through such efforts as I am engaging in on this board, which has its antecedent in the honored tradition of pamphleteering that extends back to the Founding Fathers of the United States. We can raise our voices long and loud in the public square.

There is no reason in the world why we should genuflect to what jwhitlock called this "narrow, fall-in-line-and-don't-criticize-the-government attitude."

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