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Two Prophets To Be Slain In Jerusalem

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Lifelong LDS-er here.

Since only 6 or 7 out of the 52 signs of the end times as listed in non-doctrinal Mormon Doctrine haven't occurred, my puzzler has been a puzzlin'.

I'm thinking the 42 months (or 3.4 years which is close to the term mission presidents and their wives serve) of prophesied ministry by the two prophets (or Members of the Quorum of the Twelve) will likely happen from a distance. What I mean by that is: it seems like the two prophets will minister from SLC or other parts of the world, before actually physically flying to Jerusalem, where they will be slain.

Also, with all the destruction prophesied in the Book of Revelation, it seems like it might happen in phases (1/3 of the sea turning red, etc.). Your thoughts?

Last, do you think the giant caldera under Yellowstone will blow, in the Last Days? I doubt SLC and UT will ever be wiped off the face of the earth but the Second Coming will come in a time and place few expect. I don't think we'll all move to Adam-Ondi-Ahman, other than for the great final correlation meeting. :)

In other words, if it didn't burden you financially, would you consider it rational to buy a house with land where there was an abandoned cave/mine in which you store your one-year supply of food? I am asking because I am considering this.

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I believe (now) that prophecy is figurative, and decidedly lacking specificity before the fact, and easy to assign "fulfillment" after the fact. Look at the BoM's so-called prophecies of first Nephi as an example. Even JS's name is prophesied, and that of his father, and Columbus and the Revolutionary War are inarguably prophesied, in fact everything right up to 1829 that is "prophesied" is detailed and specific. After that, vagueness sets in.

At the time Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus' narrator, John the Revelator were writing, the "rumor mill" was grinding away according to the signs of the times, for their times. Nobody in primitive Christianity was expecting the return of Jesus centuries, much less millennia, in the future; they were expecting him to return within a lifetime. Isaiah's prophecies, and Daniel's were all about Israel's contemporary woes, not millennia in the future; but the language and imagery work for any place and time, if you are looking to apply the imagery "like unto ourselves".

Anyway, that's briefly where I am with "prophecy". Yeah, I know all the references that damn me as apostate or even anti-Christ because I "deny the spirit of prophecy". So what. Look, when I witness the "two prophets" die in the streets of Jerusalem, and rise from the dead and ascend into heaven, and the Medía covers the event worldwide, then I will spend a little time rethinking my pov. Yes, a sign is necessary. I still won't believe it one hundred percent, because anything that specifically known as long as Daniel and Revelation have been known, could be faked in this day of CGI wonders. And if not faked, then I still hold more than a skosh of skepticism, and suspicion that this planet is manipulated by higher technology than we possess, by "aliens", aka humans from the universe with a wider view of reality than we have. Whether such beings are actually "gods" is highly questionable. And if they are "gods" it is even more questionable whether they are "God the Father" and Company, unless the whole game plan is concocted before the fact, scriptures and all, to meet some future need from us. In which case, I resent being "played". Just tell it to me straight, is that asking too much?...

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