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Mormon Mother Being Held In A Mexican Jail


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Just saw a blurb on the news channel that a woman described as a devout Mormon has been accused of smuggling ten pounds of marijuana on a tour bus. Sister Maldanado and her husband were coming back from attending the funeral of Sister Maldanado's aunt in Mexico. The bus was stopped and and the passengers were made to get off while the local police searched the bus. The family is claiming she was framed. It would not be the first time this has happened.


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In Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent. When I travel, I always check my seat for any suspicious things so as not to be blamed by the cops or soldiers for anything. Disclaimer: I live in Mexico near Mexico City.

Do go to Mexico. Don't go to the northern border towns. And don't do anything with suspicious people. The bad guys are like wasps, don't bother them, and they won't bother you.

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That's what makes this so scary. There is ample evidence that she didn't do it. She entered the bus empty handed, for one thing, and the amount found would have been impossible for her to carry because of the weight, for another, but it doesn't matter.

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That evidence undoubtedly will presented in court. Where she'll have the ability to prove her innocence. Not my cup of tea. I prefer innocent until proven guilty. But such is Mexican law.

I saw a report that said in Mexico bribery is a much surer way of proving your innocence.

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When the news reported this, it showed a picture of she and her husband... outside a temple...

The report said that the bus was stopped and all passengers had to get off, which she and her husband did... the police then searched the bus and came out carrying the marajuana, stating they had found it under her seat and accused her of being guilty.

In the course of events she and her husband were told they should just pay off the police, so (according to the news) they offered $5,000 but it was refused... so there she sits in a Mexican jail.

Years ago my sister worked with a girl that was getting married... lots of So Cal folks, including my husband and I, would go to Mexico and buy goods at much cheaper prices. So this girl and her mother went to Mexico and were shopping, walking along the street looking in windows, etc. The police stopped them, charging them with prostitution, and took them to jail... the mother called her husband and said... Guess where I am... he went down and was told that if he would buy them "licenses" to be prostitutes that they could get out of jail... so, he bought his wife and daughter prostitution licenses for several hundred dollars and brought them home without further action.

This corruption has been going on for years.


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I saw a report that said in Mexico bribery is a much surer way of proving your innocence.

Being arrested is a form of judicial kidnapping. You are kidnapped by the police and you pay to get out of jail.

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It's always easier to subvert a legal system than it is kill the people in it. Less bloody, and fewer people get mad at you.

The Gadianton Robbers changed the laws to protect themselves.

Bingo. What exists in Mexico, and to a certain degree in the United States, is a system very similar to the Gadianton Robbers. And both parties are responsible for this madness.

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