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[Doubt] Relationship Between A Mormon And Non-Mormon

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Everyone has a choice, but members are encouraged to date other members because the ones you date are likely to include the one you eventually marry. And because we do believe that marriage is eternal if one is sealed to one's spouse in the temple, most members are going to want to marry another member so as to marry in the temple.

You do have to be a member (be baptized and live certain commitments such as paying tithing and no smoking, coffee, tea or alcohol, being chaste and honest, obeying the ten commandments) in order to be able to go to the temple.

Does this make sense?

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That depends on whether the person who is not LDS is willing to accept the much much more than Sunday we attend church lifestyle that is part of LDS members commitment to their faith. AND whether the LDS person is inspired to take the risk that loving and marrying you will not lead to the temple marriage that LDS believe is required in order to preserve the marriage relationship after death and through the eternities.

If you are thinking about dating an LDS member, it is wise to take the missionary lessons to understand what they believe and to participate with an LDS congregation for a while (without the person you are thinking about being with, because you need to see about this through your own eyes, and not theirs). You can tell the missionaries that is what you are doing, so they don't think you are wanting to be baptized yourself. You can also explore lots on lds.org, providentliving.org, and read manuals and For the Strength of Youth pamphlet (that outlines expectations we generally live by), and the handbook of instructions on church policies on moral issues --- all of which will help you understand the world which the person you love inhabits. That way you have an idea whether you are even willing to consider such a lifestyle, and what specific items you need to discuss at length with the LDS member because you think you don't want to do it.

It is not easy to partner someone who doesn't share your faith. And at some point (usually when you have children) you may feel closer to your own faith and that will also require adjustment.

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Hello Guilherme...

While it is not against Church doctrine, members are cautioned because of the way that being "Mormon" is a way of life so to speak, not simply attending Church on Sundays. Others have pointed out the importance of a temple marriage to members...

I did meet a non-LDS man that I eventually married... subsequently as often happens I slipped into inactivity because it is difficult to live the gospel fully when your spouse is a non-member (which is why this is discouraged)... thank goodness my husband was a wonderful man, and when I felt the need to reactivate in Church he supported my decision and helped me in many ways. However, he would not share my faith although I think he would have eventually, but he passed away just 3 years after I reactivated. I did overhear him tell a friend that if he ever joined a church. it would probably be the Mormon Church...

Anyway, I've been widowed for 14 years, and I am now "sealed" to my husband. You can read about that in the references provided by Calmoriah...


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Bridesmaid Dresses: Spring/Summer 2014 Styles From Top Designers (PHOTOS)

Good morning hazel7usa...

While the dresses you have shown are stylish and "pretty" in a worldly sense, they are not appropriate for Latter Day Saint weddings, either in the temple setting or at a church reception... our dress standards are more modest than the typical fashions that you have shown, i.e., we do not wear strapless gowns, nor gowns as short as those pictured. This is a choice that we LDS choose to make as part of our standards of modesty in dress.


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Could be a spam bot or whatever they are called that searches for the term "marriage" perhaps? Pretty funny that they hit this spot considering...

This is what I thought, or, someone who just didn't know any better... rather than the usual "troll"...


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We could all just start conversing on anything we want and not have to stay on topic. ;)

ETA: Oops, I didn't realize that there was a legitimate OP in the first place. Sorry!

For some reason the OPer was banned (perhaps the mods figured out he was a troll.sock puppet?) so we probably could start conversing on whatever we want. :) Edited by calmoriah
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