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Book Of Mormon Musical: Sowing Seeds Of Conversion


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In case some of you had not yet seen this: a delightful report about a young woman from Maine (and Suffolk University in Boston), whose conversion story is somewhat unique--not only because it was in part "inspired" by the "Book of Mormon" musical; but because a large part of her teaching took place via Internet missionaries employing "chat" and Skype.

Who knew the Church had come this far in deploying such high-tech tools in the missionary effort?!

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Even when people mock the Church, the Kingdom keeps growing. You can't kick Mormonism down, you can just kick it closer to heaven.

This reminds me of Brigham Young's statement: "Every time you kick “Mormonism” you kick it upstairs; you never kick it downstairs. The Lord Almighty so orders it." (DBY, 351)

Had you been previously aware of the extent to which the Church is now utilizing an "online missionary effort"?

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