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Mormon prejudice against blacks


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Osirica--you need to read the rules and fast.  Improve your tone and stop the namecalling now.  If we see anymore posts like this you are going to be escorted out of here.

Dude you can escort me all the way to the bank, I could care less. I just read "Puzzled" the other thread. I wonder, how can we apply the Egyptologoical lingustics that the owner of the website myegyptology.net to any other piece of scrap in the Egyptian language? We can't. If the symbol for HOUSE is actually "the earth", then the symbol for the "earth" would be something else.

Just imagine this, before you press the ban key. Decades of Egypt language and historical revelation, gone, had everyone followed Smith's "translations". No rosetta stone. No Book of the Dead. No history of the 18th dynasty. The names of virtually everyone besides, Cleopatra and Ptolemy maybe would be lost in history.

You guys really can't be serious. Ban me, or don't ban me I could care less.

I mean listen to the ignroance:


Egyptian form of the god Anubis

(figure at right)

The Joseph Smith explanation says that this is, "Olimlah, a slave belonging to the prince." Guess what? Joseph Smith's explanation is exactly what Anubis looks like! All's well, ends well.

So let me get this straight. Joesph Smith says that the figure of Anubis is a slave called Olimlah, because Anubis is a black colored dog. And the fact that Smith took the papyrus that HAD a black colored dog and put a black human face on it means nothing to you guys.

But what really gets me is the conclusion. "Smith's explanation is exactly what Anubis looks like!" That is the most ignorant uneducated meaninglessness I have ever come across.

Yes I read some of the other "analyses" of the other characters, and Representationalism, as I am sure you could agree, would be the worst educational tool to teach children and college students. It is an utter failure.

Feel free to ban me. But let your readers read my messages, so they can reply to me and face the truth. Don't let them continue believing in these lies on here if they choose not to.

That was impressive. See you on the queue.

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WOW, Was that individual [osirica] a Christian ?, As C.S Lewis stated there are rules in the House and osirica was posting around with no cares for the rules. It was like one of those old "GODZILLA" movies where he came in and layed wast and destroyed everything in his path [ Godzilla was a good guy sometimes] though]. His "DUDE" comment was over the Top [ Perhaps Dudette would have been more polite] but still inappropriate. He also reminds me of "BIFF" in the "Back To The Future" Movie series. I would not really want to be his neighbor [ But if I did I would Constantly remember THE LORD OF LIFE'S admonition to LOVE HIM]. Well that adventure is over, perhaps someone can comment on his parting post missle attack. Grace and Peace to all. IN HIS DEBT, Tanyan.

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God isn't restricting them from the temple in the verses I gave, He is restricting them from the congregation of Israel. The people took that text and separated themselves from the families they had taken, divorcing their families. There is one scripture that does say something about the Canaanite no more being in the house of the Lord. However, most scholars believe that this term has reference to merchants rather than the non-Jewish Canaanites. In any case, this ban was to be forever and that not even to the tenth generation were they to be admitted to the congregation of God. The Ammonites and Moabites lost their national identities but their descendants are still very much alive. In any case, please show me where the Moabites and Ammonites were entirely destroyed.

The only reasons Jesus stopped and gave the woman the blessing sought is because she showed her faith by persistance and by accepting the dog metaphor and using it in one of her own. The Jews of that day felt that everyone else were Gentile dogs, the Canaanites included.

Asenath's actual lineage is unknown. She could have been Egyptian. She could have been either Semitic or Central Asian (both types of people came into Egypt and ruled both priesthood and nation during the Hyksos invasion and ruling period.)

Center of the world? No, that sounds more ancient Chinese, ancient Egyptian or ancient Israeli to me.

Kushite wife? Well, while there are those who feel that Moses only had one wife, they say she was a Kushite. I side with the Jewish Historian, Josephus, who stated that Moses had two wives, one a Kushite princess from Ethiopia (Kush, or as the Egyptians would say, k3sh) and the other, Zipporah, a Midianitess, a descendant of Abraham from one of his concubines.

I never said anything, anywhere, about white skin.

The Lemba certainly do not help your case. Even their own traditions are clear that they did not live the word of God and intermarried on their arrival in Africa. Of course, one clan did set up rules against intermarrying outside of the Buba Clan for the women but the men could accept wives from outside of the clan if they were accepted into the Clan. Even their own traditions state that they came from Israel through Sena to Africa, so they did not originate there. Their mtDNA is African, meaning that middle easterners intermarried with African women.

You say that descendants of Ham were never denied the priesthood. Upon what basis? Do you or do you not agree that the Lord sometimes bans various peoples from various blessings at various times for various reasons? Ammonites and Moabites ringing any bells? If God did it then, why can he not have done something similar in the 19th century? Is not God the same yesterday, today and forever? And what of the period in Israel where only one line could bear the Priesthood of Aaron? That certainly would leave off every single race on the planet from holding that priesthood at that time. Either God did that or he did not. If he did, there is no problem whatsoever with the belief that God from time to time bans various peoples from the priesthood. Mormonism's position is that he is the same yesterday, today and forever, meaning that if he banned portions of his priesthood from various peoples at times past he could do it again and again as he wills in future. It all comes down to the biblical pattern shown in the priesthood ban and to whether God said anything to prophets in these last days. Either God said it or he did not. Many of us hold that he did, that the ban was done away, and that it all is a dead issue now. The only people for whom it continues to be an issue are hardcore critics of the Church and Black supremists. Your arguments are those of the many Black supremists I have met over the years, many of them being just as racist, if not more so, than the racists who ran the Democratic party and the South for many a year. That ought to give you pause for thought. :P

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It's not embarrrassing for me blah blah blah

So the "oops" might make you feel good, but it has no effect on this discussion.

And for the record, I am not here to blah blah blah

Actually let me correct blah blah blah

For example, your saying blah blah blah

That is something I blah blah blah

Have a nice day

Wow, speaking of arrogance and being self-centered. <_<

Just to educate you a little, I know all about the various words for "black" in the Bible. I've had my lexicons and concordances for perhaps longer than you've been alive. :P Hey, and we have the Internet; we can find anything! :ph34r:

You call my post "ignorant and self-centered", yet give no example, eh? I was just schooling an obnoxious person who was talking down to me in their assumption that I was a lifelong Latter-day Saint, and so not as learned on scripture as they. I can see how that would upset you.

And no, you "taught" nothing, just foamed at the mouth for a while about inconsequential things about which you were apparently ignorant.

But you are entertaining. :unsure: Oh, and you have a nice day as well.

EDIT: Just noticed he's apprently gone to spread his love elsewhere. Oh well.

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