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Pagans And Mormons Dialogue Board On Facebook.

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Great idea!

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Not too odd, Buzzard. Surprisingly, some of the things about Mormonism that turn off mainstream Christians seem either normal or similar in belief to those who are not Christian.

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Here are some of the topics that have been started:

In chapter 7, vs. 48 of Joseph Smith's Book of Moses, Enoch hears the earth herself, calling herself the "mother of men" lamenting to the creator about the cruel way her human children treat each other. As far as I know, Mormonism is the only major Christian denomination that views the earth as an actual being with her own mind and spirit, an idea far more often associated with paleo and neo paganism.

Lugh Lámhfhada is one of my patron deities. Among other things, I see him as being the great foe of tyranny. He is the one who got the Tuatha de Dannan organized and motivated to fight the Fomorii who were oppressing them and he is the one who used the Spear of Light to slay Balor, the Tyrant King of the Fomorii.

My favorite hero from the Book of Mormon is Captain Moroni. He, also was a great defender of liberty. He is best known for his response when Amalakiah tried to overthrow the Nephite republic and establish himself as king. Moroni wrote, "In memory of our God, our religion and freedom, our peace, our wives and our children" on a torn cloak and hung it from a pole to use as a standard to rally the people to stop Amalakiah.

One of the coolest things about both Mormonism and modern Paganism is the importance of the Divine Feminine. Mormonism is the only major Abrahamic denomination I know of that postulates a Heavenly Mother as an equal to our Heavenly Father. The modern Pagan movement has also done a great deal to restore the Goddess to her rightful place in our hearts and in our universe.

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