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Shakespeare And His Telling Of The Three Little Pigs


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So how in the world did he have a lighted cigarette in his pocket?

Do them make fake cigarettes for props? There doesn't appear to be any burning at the end, but he 'emits' smoke.

answered my own question, my, aren't people creative:

Alternatively, property houses and joke shops offer fake cigarettes that can be filled with a light powder; the actor either blows gently on the cigarette or carefully sucks in some of the powder and immediately blows it out. When done correctly, the particulate cloud vaguely, but imperfectly, resembles smoke. Some versions include a tip of red Mylar (shiny foil-like material), which reflects light and appears to glow. For a little more money you can get a model with a light-emitting diode (LED) that glows when the actor presses a switch, although in my experience that's more trouble than it's worth.


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